TraceDock is a
roundabout for data

Hybrid set up
on your website

TraceDock is a first party plugin that runs on your own subdomain in parallel to your existing Google Analytics (or Tag manager) implementation. Easy to implement, un-blockable for firewalls & ad-blockers.

Most data analytics tools require you to implement their data collection endpoint, e.g. “”. These endpoints are blacklisted in most of the ad-blockers or firewalls. With TraceDock you take control of your endpoint and implement your endpoint on your own domain.

We don't
store data

See TraceDock as a roundabout. Forwarding data to enrich the platforms you already use without storing it.

We receive events from our plugin and forward it to your Google Analytics via the Google Measurement Protocol.

We believe that you should only store data once, in a data warehouse that you fully control. Not only will this reduce cost, it will also increase your control and make it easier for you to become GDPR compliant.

Server side

TraceDock is run in parallel to your Google Analytics (or Tagmanager) setup where it automatically recognises if any analytics is blocked. In such cases, data is send to the TraceDock servers, where it will be forwarded to your analytics platforms.

With the TraceDock portal you are in full control to limit, scramble or anonymise data that is forwarded to stay GDPR compliant.

Multi cloud

TraceDock is hosted in a highly scalable Kubernetes environment. 

Not only can TraceDock process hundred-of-millions of events per day, we have servers around the globe. So it does not matter where your website is located, we serve our code to your visitor blazingly fast.

TraceDock is a roundabout forwarding missing data to your analytics platforms.

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