How does TraceDock actually work?

How does TraceDock extend cookies and forward data anonymized?
Let's go into detail.

How TraceDock stops cookies being lost through ITP

TraceDock identifies when Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP, Safari) is limiting the lifespan of cookies. TraceDock then places a new cookie from its own subdomain. This ‘server-side’ cookie is not impacted by ITP restrictions and can have a lifespan of up to 180 days. In this way, TraceDock ensures marketeers continue to receive all the valuable attribution data they are hoping for.

How TraceDock stops you losing Google Analytics data to ad blockers and ETP

Ad blockers and Browsers with tracking prevention (Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi) prevents data being forwarded to Google Analytics. TraceDock works in parallel by sending the blocked data to your own subdomain. This data is then anonymized and forwarded to Google Analytics. As a result, marketeers continue to get all the valuable data they were hoping for.

How TraceDock works (in a nutshell)

Runs on your site

TraceDock is a first-party plugin that runs on your websites own subdomain.

Hybrid set up

Works in parallel to your Google Analytics (or Tag manager) implementation.

We don’t store data

TraceDock enriches the platforms you already use and does not store any data.
Looking for more information?
At TraceDock we try to be as open and clear as possible about the service that we have built: more information can be found at our blogs and publications pages.

If you want to know more, we are happy to answer all your questions during a personal demo. Do you already work with an online (marketing) agency? Check if they are already a TraceDock partner and ask them about our service.

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