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transaction tracking

The current way of tracking transactions for Google Analytics and Facebook via “thank you pages” is not accurate because client-side events are used for this.

Get improved attribution data in Google Analytics and Facebook through TraceDock’s Server-side Transaction Tracking.

No more measurement errors: Via TraceDock you don’t have to wait anymore for a visitor to open the thank you page.


iOS 14.5 update: Default and in-app Safari browser are analyzed as two different browsers

When visitors initiate a purchase in the Facebook or Instagram app, they do this in an in-app browser.

iOS 14.5: There is no stitch between the in-app and default Safari browser (e.g. CookieIDs are different)

After the payment, the visitor is redirected to the default browser and will be analyzed as a new visitor

Result: The purchase will be attributed to the Thank you page, not to the correct ad campaign


More people choose their own browser app on their phones, which is different from the default browser.

For example, on an iPhone the purchase is started in the Chrome browser. After a succesful payment in a bank app, the user is redirected to the default Safari browser.

Again, the transaction will be attributed to the campaign "Thank you page"

“Tracking on Google Analytics is now blocked by default on browsers like Firefox, Safari and Brave as well as platforms like iOS 14.5.

This development, coupled with the fact that users on mobile devices are often redirected from their banking app after payment to a default browser, means that brands are losing out on a great deal of valuable customer data.

In fact, in the case of Sanitairwinkel (a Sawiday brand), approximately 23% of customer attribution data was either missing or incorrectly attributed to specific marketing campaigns.”
TraceDock’s solution: Server-side Transaction Tracking
Correct data via our plug-and-play implementation

TraceDock matches and connects transaction data with the session data, resulting in correct session based attribution in Google Analytics and Facebook.

Within the TraceDock portal, you can select predefined Measurement Protocol templates, already correctly formatted and extendible towards your wishes.

Some payment providers tend to send through transaction events twice. TraceDock makes sure that the transaction event is sent only once, so no double revenue in your Google Analytics.

You can continue sending e-commerce events while testing TraceDock Transaction Tracking via regular events. Testing without a hard switch to validate the setup and ease the transition.

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