Improve your SEA quality score
with TraceDock


The Quality Score is a value calculated by Google that reflects, amongst other things, your website’s user experience.

Your bid price is continuously corrected by this Quality Score.
So, whilst you may bid a higher price than your competition, a lower Quality Score will result in Google not showing your ads or products. 

This may sound weird, but Google is in it for the long run and they know that serving bad ads is bad for their overall user experience. Hence the Quality Score. For a more detailed read on the matter, have a look at this support guide from Google.


Google Ads only ‘sees’ data that is measured in Google Analytics.

Due to firewalls, adblockers or ITP up to 25% of all clicks are not measured and thus do not have any measured events

In fact, having clicks without any events will negatively impact your website’s overall quality score, increasing the bid price you need to bid in the real-time ad auction.

Over time these 'bad user experiences' will have a negative impact on your Quality Score


Improve your bid strategy with TraceDock

With TraceDock you increase up to 25% visibility into your website, thus increasing your Quality score. The data that will be revealed via TraceDock will include:

More pageviews

More click events

More conversion goals

More e-commerce transactions

With these data, Google Ads can then analyse all your data and this will automatically increase your Quality Score and lower your ad spend per sale (CPS/CPL).

TraceDock is already improving the Quality Scores for the following companies:

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