Customer success story: Sawiday

“Now we can track all transactions and know that our core website analytics are always correct.”
Customer’s challenge
Jaap Melchels, Team Lead Online Marketing at Sanitairwinkel: “Tracking on Google Analytics is now blocked by default on browsers like Firefox, Safari and Brave as well as platforms like iOS 14.5.”

“This development, coupled with the fact that users on mobile devices are often redirected from their banking app after payment to a default browser, means that brands are losing out on a great deal of valuable customer data. In fact, in the case of Sanitairwinkel, approximately 23% of customer attribution data was either missing or incorrectly attributed to specific marketing campaigns.”
Solution: TraceDock
By applying TraceDock’s privacy-friendly solution, Sanitairwinkel gained 23% improved attribution data in Google Analytics.

Jaap: “Now Sanitairwinkel is not reliant solely on Google Analytics, we can track all transitions via the server and know that our core website analytics are always correct. Accurate data means better campaign planning and performance – it really is as simple as that.”
About Sanitairwinkel and Sawiday
Sanitairwinkel is a brand of Sawiday. Sanitairwinkel is one of the largest Dutch online eCommerce players in bathroom supplies.
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