Customer success story: RVshare

“Just 5% more data insight from our traffic sources can mean the difference between making and losing millions of dollars.”
Customer’s challenge
Martijn Scheijbeler, VP of Marketing at RVshare:​ “We were losing data due to browser changes, including Safari, and simultaneously our spend was increasing. We desperately needed more accurate insights and a solution that would help us understand how and where to assign the budget.”
Underlying problem
Incorrect attribution occurs due to browser changes and the use of ad blockers by website visitors: a website misses out on valuable data (Firefox, Microsoft Edge, ad blockers) and data is not correct anymore (Safari ITP).
Solution: TraceDock
By applying TraceDock’s privacy-friendly solution, a significant increase in inbound traffic from desktop users was realized, and the visible returning visitors on Safari nearly doubled in Google Analytics.

Martijn: “With browser restrictions and other limitations with data capture, you are missing out on valuable insights. TraceDock helps you get that information so you can make more accurate budget decisions that will help you grow your business and prepare for future challenges.”
About RVshare
RVshare is the world’s largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace. In 2020, they had nearly 1 million visitors per day.
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