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September 1 2020
Podcast: “Tracking prevention – The problem for every online marketeer” (in Dutch)

July 21 2020
“TraceDock: 100% insights in data while safeguarding the users’ privacy” (in Dutch)

August 13 2020
“Server-side tracking & tag management, hype or future?” (in Dutch)

March 5 2020
“Are you also experiencing lower conversion of your online campaigns? “ (in Dutch)

December 16 2019
“How you will win the battle against blocked data” (in Dutch)

December 10 2019
“What are the consequences of ITP for your online marketing?” (in Dutch)

December 3 2019
“Your online marketing is confused: You’re missing 25% data!” (in Dutch)

November 28 2019
“How your Google Analytics data stays complete” (in Dutch)

October 7 2019
“The increasing impact of ad-blockers for Google Analytics” (in Dutch)

September 5 2019
“Interview with Damion Brown: Following the data-driven rabbit”

August 13 2019
“The Impact of Intelligent Tracking Prevention on Your Google Analytics Data”

July 19 2019
“I’m working with TraceDock to improve your data accuracy”

June 27 2019
“Measuring was knowing. This is the new reality regarding privacy” (in Dutch)

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