Increase your cookie duration
and fix your marketing attribution


Your analytics knows from which campaign a user was acquired through a cookie installed on the browser by Google Analytics. With this cookie each session leading up to a sale can be connected to a user. Google Analytics can then combine this data and attribute a sale to a campaign or channel. 

Knowing which campaign or channel a sale comes from is essential for any marketeer as it is the basis to optimize your channels, campaigns, keywords and other marketing ads. 


Safari has implemented Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), limiting the expiration date of cookies placed by third parties such as Google Analytics to 1 day. Firefox implemented something similar, called ETP, with roughly the same consequence.

The consequence is that any sale done after 1 day will not be connected to the original campaign that the user has arrived through. When analysing your data, you will notice that your marketing campaigns seem to generate less revenue. And optimising your marketing with incomplete data will not lead to any decent results.

SEA cookies

With Safari and Firefox; sales done 1 day after the advertisement will not be attributed to the campaign


TraceDock extends the lifetime of your cookies

With TraceDock we protect your marketing analytics against the effects of ITP with server-side cookies, extending the expiration date to 180 days. This will improve your marketing attribution by allowing to connect sales to campaigns and channels to user’s after 1 day.

Better campaign attribution

Better channel attribution

Improved SEA optimization

This will result in a higher conversion rate and a lowered ad spend per sale (CPS/CPL).

With this goal in mind, TraceDock is already protecting the marketing analytics of the following companies:

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