Improve marketing attribution
without infringing upon users' privacy

A short introduction

As a user, installing an ad-blocker or using Firefox is a conscious decision to protect your own privacy. It will block your personal data to be shared with Google or Facebook to create your profile across all websites.

For websites, the downside is that they cannot optimize their online marketing. Everything a user with an ad-blocker does on a website is invisible for the website owners.

With TraceDock we have designed a solution that allows websites to optimize your online marketing, whilst respecting the privacy of people using ad-blockers or Firefox.


Anonymized IP on blocked data

  • By default, data that is being collected from users with ad-blockers or from Firefox,
    will have the IP anonymized when sending data to Google Analytics.


Compliant with GDPR legislation​

  • No personal data is stored on the TraceDock servers.
  • No personal identifiable information (PII) is collected or forwarded to Google Analytics.


No re-marketing initiated

  • For users with ad-blockers and Firefox, all data collected can only be used for statistical analysis & optimization.
  • Remarketing for these users is not possible.

Frequently asked questions

🤔  Is it legally allowed to measure website usage from users with ad-blockers or Firefox?
👉  Definitely. As long as you fully anonymize all data that is sent to Google Analytics.

By default, TraceDock fully anonymizes all data that is sent to Google Analytics. In this way our clients see the big picture, but cannot re-target single users. Downsides that we mention here above are solved for website owners, without invading people’s privacy.

🤔  Is it ethically okay to measure website usage from users with ad-blockers or Firefox?
👉  Absolutely. As long as you respect the reason why people use Firefox or install ad-blockers.

That is because they do not want to be tracked across the internet and have their user profile’s sold to advertisers for (re-targeting) ads. With TraceDock we respect that. Each website that uses TraceDock can analyze their user, but Google/Facebook cannot combine the activity of multiple websites into the same user.

For more background information, please have a look at this blog: 
“How TraceDock gives websites 100% data while respecting the privacy of ad-blocker users”

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