Preserve consumers' privacy
while giving online specialists what they need

TraceDock retains crucial data while respecting consumers’ privacy.
Marketeers can still do an optimal job, in a privacy-friendly way.

TraceDock privacy statement

At TraceDock, we believe that end user trustworthiness determines whether digital information technology maintains or relinquishes its right to exist.

That’s why we endorse the role of technology which enables internet users to block unwanted advertising or monitoring of their surfing behavior by browsers with tracking prevention and ad-blockers.

However, browsers with built-in tracking prevention and ad-blockers limit the ability to deliver privacy-neutral marketing data, which is of great value to marketeers.

TraceDock’s mission is to enable non-sensitive data to still get through, so marketeers can do their jobs without compromising the privacy for it’s end users.

TraceDock is GDPR and CCPA compliant

TraceDock is taking multiple measures to remove the impact on the privacy of users using browsers with tracking prevention or ad-blockers:

  • No data is stored on the TraceDock server.
  • Any data collected from these users remains first-party, no data is shared with third parties.
  • The data collected has any personal identifiable data redacted, such as the IP address.
  • The data collected thus anonymous and cannot be used for retargeting.

As such, TraceDock is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Always anonymized by default

All data (excluding cookies which cannot be anonymized) collected from users using browsers with tracking prevention or ad-blockers that are sent to analytics endpoints will be anonymized:

  • The TraceDock service filters and eliminates traceable personal data such as IP-address.
  • The additional data collected cannot be reused for further tracking or retargeting.

TraceDock therefore allows marketers to receive anonymous data without infringing on the privacy of users.

Extending cookies

TraceDock only extends the lifespan of cookies  after the correct obtained permission is obtained for their use. Thus blocking any cookies placed by third party scripts via the client which the website owner is unaware of. We help our clients actively to correctly implement proper cookie consent.

Unfortunately, we can’t make TraceDock completely impossible to abuse – no existing technology solution can achieve that – but we need to stress that misuse in the pursuit of short-term goals always leads to damaged end-user confidence, and subsequent damage to all marketeers’ long-term interests.

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