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Pricing plans for businesses

Our pricing plans are based on the amount of traffic your website(s) get per month.

Current pageviews / month

Pricing / month

< 1 million pageviews


1 – 3 million pageviews


3 – 6 million pageviews


6 – 12 million pageviews


12 – 20 million pageviews


20 – 30 million pageviews


> 30 million pageviews


All business plans include:

  • Track pageviews, click events & ecommerce events
  • Extend cookies to 180 days
  • Forward to Google Analytics
  • Add up to 10 domains
  • Monthly cancellation

Partner plans for agencies

As a digital marketing agency, you can become a partner of TraceDock and test TraceDock for free on your own account.
To arrange this, we advise you to first request a demo or simply send an email to
During the demo we will explain more about TraceDock and we will give you access to your free test account.  Furthermore, as a partner you will get access to our partner knowledge base and one-on-one support sessions and training.

Would you like to implement TraceDock for (one of) your clients? We will gladly explain how you can do this via our easy-to-use TraceDock user portal. 

  • Become a partner of TraceDock
  • Get one testing account for free
  • Access to our partner knowledge base
  • Access to one-on-one support sessions & training

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