Customer success story: Independer

“Our attribution increased, allowing us to calculate the true value of the segments we target.”
Customer’s challenge
Hans de Bruin, Manager Online Marketing at Independer:​ “With the current developments within the browsers, we knew that our data was becoming less accurate. We feared that we might unnecessarily exclude segments due to a lack of measurements.”
Underlying problem
Incorrect attribution occurs due to browser changes and the use of ad blockers by website visitors: a website misses out on valuable data (Firefox, Microsoft Edge, ad blockers) and data is not correct anymore (Safari ITP).
Solution: TraceDock
After applying TraceDock: “TraceDock results in a significant #uplift in traffic that we measure in Google Analytics which allows us to manage our online marketing conversion campaigns even more precisely whilst respecting our user’s personal data and privacy solution intent.”

“With TraceDock we attributed 30% of our traffic more accurately. With that we made a first good step in regaining the trust, and can more confidently confirm what we report.”
About Independer
Independer is the largest comparison website (insurances, energy suppliers, and more) in the Netherlands, with over 20 million visitors a year.
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