Customer success story: Greetz

“We now have a broader picture of where the transaction originated.”​
Customer’s challenge
Bouke Plat, Head of E-Business Intelligence at Greetz:​ “Initially, direct traffic was a testimony of your brand, i.e. visitors navigating directly to your website. Nowadays, direct traffic is becoming an annoying catch-all for all that could not be attributed.”
Underlying problem
Incorrect attribution occurs due to browser changes and the use of ad blockers by website visitors: a website misses out on valuable data (Firefox, Microsoft Edge, ad blockers) and data is not correct anymore (Safari ITP).
Solution: TraceDock
After applying TraceDock’s privacy-friendly solution: “30% of our traffic is now attributed more accurately in Google Analytics, creating a broader picture of where our transactions originate.”

“With TraceDock we attributed 30% of our traffic more accurately. With that we made a first good step in regaining the trust, and can more confidently confirm what we report.”
About Greetz
Greetz (part of Photobox Group) is one of the biggest online platforms for personal gifting in the Netherlands and Belgium.
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