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Over 36% of the users now deploy a browser with tracking prevention or ad blockers preventing correct attribution of your paid marketing efforts.

Recover your data with TraceDock’s first-party user identification and data collection.

Over 36% of all users use a browser with tracking prevention ...

Users and browsers are increasingly deploying tracking prevention.

Most browsers with tracking prevention (e.g. Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Samsung Internet) block all data towards Google Analytics.

For Safari it is different: it limits cookies to 1 to 7 days, by which returning visitors are being identified as new visitors in Google Analytics, by which your data isn’t correct anymore.

... which results in more “direct traffic” in your Google Analytics data

Due to tracking prevention there is an increasing amount of transactions from which you don’t know where they came from: this data isn’t attributable to the right channels.

For performance marketeers, it is now much harder to determine the correct Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), e.g. for a certain campaign, a keyword, an audience or an segment.


TraceDock solves ITP by extending the cookie duration after consent

With Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP 2.3) in the Safari browser, cookies only last 1 to 7 days. By this, a large number of users will be identified as “new users” instead of returning users, messing up essential data for your customer journey analysis.

TraceDock solves this by extending the cookie duration to 180+ days after proper consent thus allowing you to track the complete customer journey in all your marketing tools.


TraceDock solves ETP by forwarding data anonymized to Google Analytics

Adblockers and Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) on Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave and other browsers with built-in tracking prevention block the client from forwarding data to Google Analytics.

TraceDock forwards the data server-side anonymously, thus increasing the visibility of a new customer audience using ad-blockers and privacy-aware browsers and opening up new channels such as StartPage and DuckDuckGo.
TraceDock runs in parallel to Google Analytics

First-party data collection

TraceDock is a first-party data collection point that runs on your website’s own subdomain.

Hybrid set up

Works in parallel to your Google Analytics (or Tag manager) implementation.

Server-side cookies

Sets a server-side & first-party HTTP cookie that can be set to 180+ days expiration (for ITP).

We don’t store data

TraceDock enriches the platforms you already use and does not store any data.
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