Customer success stories

A few case studies and stories of what our customers do with TraceDock.


A significant uplift in traffic that we measure in Google Analytics.

The cool thing about TraceDock is that our work continues as we worked before, but this time with more and more accurate data:

“TraceDock results in a significant uplift in traffic that we measure in Google Analytics which allows us to manage our online marketing conversion campaigns even more precisely whilst respecting our user’s personal data and privacy intent.”


30% traffic is now attributed more accurately.

With TraceDock we made a first good step in regaining the trust in the metrics that we report:

As Business Intelligence (BI) at Greetz, our goal is to relate each transaction to the channel it originated. It is frustrating to see how transactions are pushed into ‘direct’, sometimes up to 30 to 40%. With TraceDock we attributed 30% of our traffic more accurately. With that we made a first good step in regaining the trust, and can more confidently confirm what we report.


We now recognize 2.2x more returning visitors on Safari.

Thanks to TraceDock, we now recognize 2.2x more returning Safari users. This had a major impact on our email marketing, SEO and SEA strategies:

“This data about returning users helped us improve our personalization tooling for our email marketing campaigns so we can trigger more repeat purchases.
Furthermore, at kleertjes.com SEO and SEA are also important channels that also benefit from more accurate tracking data.”


We now have a 100% revenue match.

No more measurement errors, our analytics team can now fully rely on its data:

“For our /werkgever domain, we are using Google Analytics 360 to optimise our online media mix. However, we experienced a huge difference in reported revenue compared to our backend in Salesforce. With TraceDock we solved this measurement issue, we now have a 100% revenue match, and our team regained full confidence in the dataset. 


ITP 2.3: CPC recovery

SEA is of great importance for us. Measuring the transactions attributed to CPC in Google Analytics is key to determine the impact.

“In December, we saw a significant drop in CPC for Safari users. Cause: more and more Safari users updated their browsers and thus ITP 2.3 kicked in.

We were advised to install TraceDock to solve this issue. Within one week, we saw our share in CPC starting to recover again.We now have the same accurate data as we were used to.”


Optimise our ad spend & increase ROI.

VANMOOF now has over 10% more data to optimise their ad spend and return on investment.

“TraceDock reveals an over 10% more users and revenue that where previously lost in our analytics platform. This allows us to optimise our ad spend in Google Ads and Facebook more efficiently and achieve a higher return on investment. Additionally we don’t have to worry about browsers changing the way they handle cookies and user identification because TraceDock solves this for us.”


TraceDock helped us improve our budget allocation as a whole.

Paid and SEO traffic got a boost, which brought Bruynzeel Keukens new insights into their media mix and the clickthrough rates of their campaigns.

TraceDock reveals 10% more traffic we were unaware of before. Because of this, we can improve our bid management and quality score, resulting in a direct Return on Investment.

We also see improvement in our main goals, resulting in a better match with our backend and even more importantly, resulting in an improvement in our conversion rate per channel. Because of these insights, we have better overview in the allocation of our media budget.

We were also unaware of the impact of ITP 2.3 on our traffic. With TraceDock we now can attribute all sessions to the single user it involves.

This helps us improve our bid management and social ads even more, since we now have better insights into our ads designed for new and returning customers.

An important improvement unlocking ITP 2.3 is the optimisation of attribution of our paid channels: 18% of our traffic was ‘infected’, which directly resulted in more direct traffic.”


A wider and more accurate view.​

With TraceDock, LeaseVergelijker now has a wider and more accurate view of the website visitors:

“As one of the largest independent auto lease comparison website of the Netherlands, we earn revenue through our referral network. Analysing click through rates and optimising our marketing channels is our bread and butter. With TraceDock we continue to do what we do best, only now with more data.”


A few of our happy customers

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