Reveal up to 25% more data in the platforms you already use

Not another

We don’t rebuild your analytics platform, we enhance it with more & more accurate data.

We believe that your analytics dashboard already work properly, so why invest in developing and learning a new dashboard?

Not another

Cheaper than classic data management solutions. Your data
without restrictions or vendor lock-in.

Several existing data warehouse solutions store data in their own database, meaning you are not a full owner of your own data. We believe that you already have a proper data warehouse solution, so why invest in developing and maintaining another database?

Keep your way
of working

Don’t waste your team’s time learning another tool, work continues as you expect with TraceDock.

Usually implementing a new tool requires large amount of training to learn your team a new way of working. TraceDock enhances your existing dashboard, which means you do not need any investment in training your team. 

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