Businesses using
TraceDock now see

up to 25% more data

How much data are you missing in Google Analytics due to ad-blockers & ITP ?

Ad-blockers & ITP
block up to 25%
of your data


TraceDock adds blocked data
to the platforms
you already use



TraceDock extends the lifetime
of your cookies to
180 days


Optimise your ad spend
with TraceDock

Enhance your SEA Bid Strategy
With TraceDock you can improve your self-learning bid strategy with up to 25% more data, resulting in higher conversion rates and lower ad spend per sale.

Improve your SEA Quality Score
Clicks without any events will negatively impact your website’s overall Quality Score. Increasing what Google Analytics ‘sees’  will improve your Quality score.

Achieve a higher Ad Rank
Google’s Ad Rank is a value determines if and where your ad will be shown relative to other ads. Increase your Ad Rank with TraceDock.

Enhance your
Bid Strategy
Improve your
Quality Score


TraceDock is a roundabout
forwarding missing data to your Google Analytics

Runs on your site
TraceDock is a first party plugin that runs on your websites own subdomain.

Hybrid set up
Works in parallel to your Google Analytics (or Tag manager) implementation.

We don’t store data
TraceDock enriches the platforms you already use and does not store your data.

Server side
Data is forwarded by our servers, not relying on the client able to block analytics.

Up and running
in only 20 minutes

How TraceDock adds
blocked data to Google Analytics
Watch how TraceDock is able to recognise ad-blockers and forwards this blocked data to Google Analytics. TraceDock already reveals up to 25% more data for customers like:
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Curious how much data your company is missing due to ad-blockers and ITP?

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