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Up to 25% of crucial marketing data is affected by adblockers, ETP- and ITP-technology across all your marketing tools.

Unless you use TraceDock.

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ITP, ETP and adblockers
cause the loss of valuable data

Due to Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) in the Safari browser, marketing data becomes less accurate.

Due to adblockers and Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) in Firefox, Edge, Brave and more browsers, marketing data gets blocked.

TraceDock supplies online specialists with complete and correct data

Business Intelligence (BI), Search Engine Automation (SEA) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) specialists thrive on complete and correct data. By using TraceDock, insights into website interactions and campaign performances increase.
TraceDock for BI specialists
Create a wider and more accurate view across users with adblockers and browsers with tracking prevention such as Safari, Firefox and Edge.
Bouke Plat – Head of BI at Greetz:
“30% of our traffic is now attributed more accurately creating a broader picture of where our transactions originate.”
TraceDock for SEA specialists
Optimize your keywords & campaigns across Google Ads, Bing and DuckDuckGo by adding more data into the automated bidding strategy.
Simon Vreeman – Growth marketing manager:
“With TraceDock we now have 10% more data to optimise our ad spend with, and our ROI for Google Ads and Facebook increased.”
TraceDock for CRO specialists
Make your analyses and A/B tests more accurate and reliable across a longer period of time. Unveil sessions for a completely new audience you miss out on.
Desiree van der Horst – CRO lead at Fingerspitz:
“At Bruynzeel Keukens 18% of the traffic was ‘infected’ by ITP 2.3, which resulted in more direct traffic. We solved this with TraceDock.”


TraceDock solves ITP by extending the cookie duration after consent

With Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP 2.3) in the Safari browser, cookies only last 1 to 7 days. By this, a large number of users will be identified as “new users” instead of returning users, messing up essential data for your customer journey analysis.

TraceDock solves this by extending the cookie duration to 180+ days after proper consent thus allowing you to track the complete customer journey in all your marketing tools.


TraceDock solves ETP by forwarding data anonymized to Google Analytics

Adblockers and Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) on Firefox, Edge, Brave and other browsers with built-in tracking prevention block the client from forwarding data to Google Analytics.

TraceDock forwards the data server-side anonymously thus increasing the visibility of a new customer audience using ad-blockers and privacy-aware browsers and opening up new channels such as StartPage, DuckDuckGo.

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TraceDock gives you future-proof data.
Allowing you to attribute all transactions to the proper channels and campaigns while preserving your consumers’ privacy.

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We are proud to work closely with these data-driven enthusiasts. These online marketing agencies & consultancies are actively joining in the user feedback loop by which we keep on improving TraceDock.

Preserve consumers’ privacy
while giving online specialists what they need​

TraceDock retains crucial data while respecting consumers’ privacy.
Online specialists can still do an optimal job, in a privacy-friendly way.

Up and running in only 20 minutes

TraceDock is easy to implement, without any training.
Why TraceDock extends cookies
to a maximum of 180 days

TraceDock of course follows the General Data Protection Regulation regulation in EU law and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

To reduce the privacy impact of analytics, the identifier TraceDock sets is relatively short-lived (up to 180 days) and unique to the website it was set for.

Do you want more information about the legal side of TraceDock?
We are more than happy to tell you more about it.

Why TraceDock anonymizes data
before it is sent to analytics endpoints

TraceDock follows the General Data Protection Regulation regulation in EU law and the California Consumer Privacy Act. Legislation aside, at TraceDock we deeply care about ethically sound marketing: by which online specialists can do an optimal job, while respecting consumers’ privacy.

As such, the TraceDock service filters and eliminates traceable personal data such as IP-addresses. The additional data collected cannot be reused for further tracking or retargeting. TraceDock therefore allows marketers to receive anonymous data without infringing on the privacy of users.

Do you want more information about the legal side of TraceDock?
We are more than happy to tell you more about it.

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